Ryubi Co., Ltd. mainly provides printing services since 38 years in Iwakuni and Shunan City.

Our strength is speedy and reliable service delivered with a consistently high quality level. Additionally, we have expertise related to anti-counterfeit printed matters and special printing needs.

Business content

Printed Matter

Various printed matter related to public works

Various printed matter related to MCAS Iwakuni base

Printed matter, booklets, advertisements, etc. for commercial business


In today’s changing world, we make full use of technology to meet the needs of our customers and strive to provide genuine solutions. As a result, we strive every day to increase the value of our products.

Past performance

With 38 years of experience and strong customer relationships, we generate annual sales of about 100 million yen from public works projects and private companies.

Company Profile

Company NameRYUBI LTD CO
CEOJuntaro Ishikawa
AddressHead Office
〒745-0863 1-1 Miyamacho Shunanshi
Branch Office
〒740-0018 2-2-13, Marifucho Iwakunishi
Year Started1983年2月23日
TELHead Office:+81-834-312116
Mobile : +81-9046966851
FAXHead Office:+81-834-211743
Branch Office:+81-827-286392
Products & ServicesFlyers and pamphlet production
Printing books and booklet production
Commercial printing ( business cards, slips, envelopes, invitaions)
Sticker production and printing
DM postcards, crimped postcards
Anti-counterfeit paper production and printing
Signboard construction set
EWB production
Advertising production

SAM Completed




We will deliver happiness to everyone with the power of printed matter!

We realize high quality and speedy shipping at low price!


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